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"The information we gathered from our interviews helped us prioritize what we need to focus on next. I’ll definitely reach out for future projects."

Chris Thompson
Product Manager, HP Enterprise

“It was a big plus to get outside of my customer base and ask questions of experts who aren't yet using my product. They didn't have bias or an agenda, so conversations were more open than a usual customer feedback session.”

Jaclyn Spangler
Product Manager, FullStory

"UserMuse made it easy for me to share my expertise with someone during my morning coffee. The project was a good fit, and from a consulting point-of-view, this was one of the most seamless and fastest payment processes I've had."

Mike O.
Independent Design Consultant

UserMuse makes validating product ideas easy.

So easy there's no excuse not to do it.

Over 60% of enterprise product managers we surveyed said getting market feedback was their #1 problem. We think that's unacceptable - so we made it easy.

Talk to real users of your competitors' products. Learn how your target customers do their jobs and uncover unmet needs. Get the validation you need to build great products.

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