How It Works.

UserMuse is a marketplace for professional experience. Product managers, marketers, designers, and other professionals rely on UserMuse to quickly assemble market research panels to test ideas and validate market needs.

UserMuse experts share their experience for an hourly fee - usually via phone interview. Once you hire an expert for a project, you own the relationship from there. You and the expert can make payment arrangements of your choosing so long as both parties comply with our community guidelines.

Here's how projects work:

  1. You describe the people you're looking for and your budget as a new project
  2. UserMuse finds experts who match your target profile and sends you their experience and hourly rates
  3. You pay to be introduced to the experts you'd like to meet*
  4. You conduct 1:1 interviews with your panel and pay experts directly**

*UserMuse is a pay-as-you-go service. No long-term subscription required.
**UserMuse does not take a percentage of our experts' advisory fees.
That's right - keep what you earn as an expert!

Check out our frequently asked questions page for more information and best practices for projects.